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Do You have any Specs & pricing on these?
The prices for these loudspeakers range from R6968.00 to R25,580.00 per pair. The important details are on the relevant product pages on this web site, but the larger loudspeakers are all rated at 8 Ohm to 11 Ohm and 20W RMS to 40W RMS. The smaller phISH is rated at 18 Ohm 100W RMS. The new models will have impedances ranging from 8 Ohm to 12 Ohm and have power ratings of 100W to 400W RMS. Efficiencies range from 90dB to 100dB at 1W and 1m. Frequency responses from 46 - 19 000 Hz to 18 - 40 000 Hz +/-5dB. As we state in our philosophy, these numbers are of almost no value and in many cases simply misleading. (Currently our "loudest" loudspeaker is the 20W Yggdrasil.)

Are the loudspeakers or their cabinets
made in SA?
Every part except the drivers, crossover components and binding posts are made in South Africa. We have located a local manufacturer of air core inductors and will be incorporating those in many of our future designs. Some drivers are custom made for PHI in China, others are imported from Thailand. One of our drivers is made in Durban and modified slightly for our purposes. The supertweeters we use are of Danish and American design/manufacture and we will in all likelihood also be using fullrange drivers developed in these two countries in our new models. The new e.phISH uses a German driver in it's default incarnation. It should be clear that we have no ties with specific companies that may influence our judgement. We simply evaluate drivers constantly and choose the best devices for the specific application.

Which woods do you use?
We only use tone woods in our designs. This is a broad classification, but all these woods are not only chosen because of their use in musical instruments, but extensively evaluated by ear with knock and mounted driver listening tests. Current favourites are Bubinga, Iroko, Padauk, Birds Eye Maple, Purple Heart, Oukoume, Spruce, Afrormosia, Merbau, Pau Rosa, Sapele and a few others. Individual planks of timber conforming to our standards are painstakingly chosen from our suppliers - sometimes the good ones are right at the bottom of the bundles. Many of our woods are African, for no other reasons than the quality of these often underrated woods and that greater availability means a greater population to choose from.

What is MuZetaPhi and what is the relationship with Vulpecula Technology?
MuZetaPhi is a sister company of PHI. MuZetaPhi specialise in custom equipment for the music industry and involve themselves in all kinds of projects involving musicians and amateur loudspeaker builders. At the moment MuZetaPhi is collaborating with a number of companies and musicians - mainly as consultants. All involved are learning a lot from these interactions and results of successful collaborations are posted blog-style on the MuZetaPhi Projects page. Vulpecula, a Welsh company that manufactures innovative technology products with a "green" twist (from a robotic table for bonsai that turns according to the output from a neural net circuit to a high-performance headphone amplifier range,) is one of these companies. MuZetaPhi is still in its infancy, but the production of unique one-off valve guitar amplifiers using rare valves is on the table.

Do you build customised products?
The short answer is yes. If a client wants us to incorporate a specific feature/component in our designs, we'll gladly do so. All changes, however, have to conform to our philosophy and our quality standards. Certain components are very expensive - in these instances we may ask for a deposit to be able to purchase the required components. We also design specific one-off loudspeakers (and, possibly, amplifiers) to accommodate specific drivers of a client's choice. All the above conditions apply here too. We work with customers, discussing each stage of the development process as we go along.



downPHI® – (pronounced 'downfire')  Downward firing port outlet – Port strategy and Loudspeaker name.

floor®FLEX – Reflex loaded enclosure with port firing directly onto floor/plinth – Port strategy and Loudspeaker style.

tunnelpo®t – Port firing into straight tunnel directly on floor Port strategy.

DTTP – Double Taper Tuned Pipe – Loudspeaker style.

Zauberfløt – tall thin single driver loudspeaker with supertweeter - Loudspeaker style and Loudspeaker name coined by Dewald Visser.

phISH – Intensated Short Horn (more heavily mass loaded hybrid tuning style) – Loudspeaker style and Loudspeaker name.

e.phISH – Extended Intensated Short Horn (hybrid style, less heavily mass loaded than phISH ) – Loudspeaker style and Loudspeaker name.

phi®FLEX – Reflex loaded enclosure – Loudspeaker style.

phiPOLE – Bipolar tuned pipe – Loudspeaker style.


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