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FOLDED TQWT, DTTP and  EXOLINEA® aperiodic tuned pipes.

PHI has embarked on the design and manufacture of a brand new range of tuned pipe loudspeakers. The price range of our line-up has been broadened, ranging from affordable 'desktop' and 'bookshelf' loudspeakers to our customary high-end units, in both our customer and materials driven be[spoke] series and our per[form] range, where the fidelity is largely determined by the exact form of the loudspeakers.

We have maintained our minimal Dieter Ramsian design aesthetic by using solid wood in conjunction with engineered materials. This latter will be the highest quality Birch Plywood, chosen for its appearance as much as its proven sonic qualities.

Our focus, as always, is on full and wide range loudspeakers, assisted with appropriate high and low frequency transducers where deemed necessary.


Our be[spoke] range remains an extension of this set of loudspeakers.

Bespoke design and manufacture allows the use of any and all exotic and iconic drivers, boutique materials and components such as speciality capacitors, rare tone woods and gold and silver wiring.

We adhere to our design principles and philosophies, but accommodate any client request supported by these constraints.




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Siderium DTTP
Ultra-Low Bass Stereo Audiophile Loudspeaker System.

The Siderium is our be[spoke] loudspeaker for the purist. Constructed from solid American walnut, it excels in any kind of music and has bass extension and clarity far beyond what would be possible with traditional designs. The unique DTTP (Double Taper Tuned Pipe) design is a world first and provides a level of realism, involvement and immediacy that compares with that of any loudspeaker, at any price point.


Siderium detail


On the work bench: The Steropes - a folded TQWT
Floor Standing Stereo Audiophile Loudspeaker System.

As first offering from our new per[form] stable, this loudspeaker employs a principle which cuts down on the size of tuned pipe speakers by folding the upper part of the speaker taper behind the lower part. The upward tapering geometry of the unit not only makes for attractive looks, but ekes the last drop of performance out of the already beautifully-constructed, German-designed driver set. The loudspeaker accepts a range of drivers without needing structural modification, allowing an easy upgrade path to more exotic components.

Features include sensitivity in excess of 95dB/2.83V at 1m, an easily driven load impedance, a minimal first order filtering network and solid 30mm hardwood and birch ply construction.


Keep watching this space.

On the right: a concept sketch of this new design.




Depicted below are the shells of another speaker range we are developing. Also on the table, a range of small, affordable, high-performance wall-mounted loudspeakers.


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