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Siderium Double Taper Tuned Pipe (DTTP)
Ultra-Low Bass Stereo Audiophile Loudspeaker System

The Siderium is a visually stunning loudspeaker for the purist. It excels in any kind of music and has oodles of bass. The DTTP (Double Taper Tuned Pipe) design is a world first and provides a level of realism, involvement and immediacy that compares with that of any loudspeaker, at any price. This loudspeaker is currently under development, but we should have the first example on the floor by the end of September.

Join two Voigt pipes back to back and open a port at the top of one of the pipes and you have a DTTP. Inspired by the physics of tuned pipes on high performance two-stroke engines and built around by a carbon fibre pro-audio driver, we have added yet another model to our growing list of exceptional PHI loudspeakers. Simulations indicate a low frequency -3dB point at about 30Hz and a -10dB point of around 20Hz for a 6 inch driver operated full range. No measurements have been preformed yet, but we're aiming for at least 200W RMS power handling and the lowest and fastest clean bass we have been able to reproduce up to now. Coupled with dynamic and crystal clear delivery, this loudspeaker excels on every level. The speaker pictured above, is manufactured from solid Walnut. The pipes sound exceptionally clean and play with an ease uncommon for any loudspeaker. Sensitivity should be quite high due to a very minimal crossover (only three components) and a high sensitivity super tweeter. As is usual with PHI products, the look of these units equals their performance.

· Unique Double Taper Quarter Wave Pipe design
· Limited edition of 100 world-wide
· Full, accurate and engaging sound
· A truly High-End experience
· 100% hand-made in solid wood
· Width: 36cm; Depth: 60cm; Height: 220cm
· Weight: 40kg/speaker
[Walnut] Suggested retail price R29 873-/pair
Prices for speakers made in other wood types will be made available on request.
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