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In an extensive re-evaluation of PHI as business, we have decided to narrow our focus on a small number of production-line loudspeakers and leave more exotic products to the bespoke side of our company. The production line per[form] loudspeakers are in no way inferior to our be[spoke] products. They simply focus on tried and tested designs by streamlining production in order to bring down costs. Most of our designs are in fact small elaborations on bespoke loudspeakers; we simply make material and driver choices where in our be[spoke] range these decisions are left to the client.

Our ranges do however have different price points or tiers. Usually these are determined by size and efficiency. Larger speakers cost more to produce; high-efficiency drivers are costlier and usually need larger enclosures. This is true for both our be[spoke] and per[form] lines.

Utmost care is taken in both the design and manufacturing processes a PHI. Only proven and tested materials and components are used, regardless of the line or the tier the product occupies. As always we focus on natural solid wood and superior Finnish birch plywood as building materials. We employ fullrange drivers in all our models, when needed augmented with supertweeters and subwoofer drivers, and only employ first order filter components and crossovers, usually in a serial configuration rather than parallel.


The order process is simple:

  • Contact PHI by sending us an email

  • Specify your needs in terms of size/cost/application and/or which of our models seem appropriate

  • Specify drivers you might be interested in (or already possess) and your materials of choice

  • PHI shall respond with suggestions and a quotation

  • When the quotation is accepted, a 60% deposit is made to cover immediate costs

  • PHI shall indicate the time required for development and manufacture

  • Production commences, with frequent updates sent to the client

  • Delivery

PHI has, for the eight years it has been in operation, continued to impress every person who has had the opportunity to audition our products, many claiming that these are the loudspeakers they have had to compare with any loudspeakers they've since encountered. We are confident of continuing, if not improving upon, this tradition.


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