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Below is a display of bespoke loudspeakers we have designed and manufactured for specific customers.

Ranging from super-detailed 3 inch driver systems to heftier 2.1 meter tall 6.5 and 8  inch driver high-sensitivity loudspeakers, this abbreviated list gives an indication of our styles and capabilities.





Cyclops MLTQWT -  2007
High-detail bipolar audiophile loudspeaker system.

The Cyclops was our inaugural be[spoke]  loudspeaker. Medium sensitivity (90dB/2.83V) serial filter network plus line level response filter with a modest power handling of 40W RMS per loudspeaker unit.

This loudspeaker was very well received by the media and still acts as a  benchmark for our larger loudspeakers.

Our per[form] range will have a very similar loudspeaker soon.


Siderium detail


downPHI® MLTQWT -  2008
High-detail bipolar audiophile loudspeaker system.

The downPHI® was a simple evolution of our Cyclops loudspeaker - mainly to simplify construction and to incorporate the filter network into the loudspeaker. It incorporates a unique down firing port to effect omni-directional loudspeaker port output. The performance, both objectively and subjectively, was very similar to that of the Cyclops and the small differences between the two types have at times appealed to some listeners and at other times made almost no difference to their impressions.





Naledi DTTP -  2009
Ultra low bass audiophile loudspeaker system.

The Naledi was our first foray into Double Taper Tuned Pipe (DTTP) territory, a system devised by PHI to obtain a larger tuned length than a typical ceiling would allow, in order to exact very low bass performance from modestly sized 5.5 inch drivers. Bass response extended into the high teens of Hz at around 90dB/2.83V sensitivity and 35 Watt power handling.

This speaker formed the base of our current Siderium be[speke] loudspeaker.





Yggdrasil MLTQWT -  2009
High-sensitivity dual-cone audiophile loudspeaker system.

The Yggdrasil is our second largest loudspeaker to date, standing 2.1m tall. It employs the same port system as the downPHI® but has a much higher sensitivity of close to 95dB/2.83V. Power handling is a still modest 30W RMS per speaker, belied by its authoritative and liquid delivery, even when powered by flea-power 5 Watt valve amplifiers.





phISH ISHTQWT -  2010
Affordable audiophile loudspeaker system.

The phISH use what we refer to as an intensated short horn TQWT - a pipe with a relatively short tuned length using a traditional port to effect the last bit of bass extension. What this enables one to do is to make a much shorter loudspeaker without influencing performance too much. This speaker employs three identical 4 inch fullrange drivers, two on the front baffle and one on the rear, with a neodymium silk dome supertweeter. Sensitivity is around 91dB/Watt at a power handling of 100W RMS.

A very listenable and versatile loudspeaker on which one of our per[form] models is based.





e.phISH ISHTQWT -  2011
Extended affordable audiophile loudspeaker system.

The e.phISH is a slightly taller version of the phISH. Performance is almost identical with perhaps a slightly more extended low end (-5dB at around 47Hz instead of 50Hz).

Very listenable and matches almost any front end. Also a keeper.



















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